Tornado Damage
December 8th, 2008

Most of these photos explain themselves well.  Just a lot of damage.

The tornado did some really weird stuff.  It yanked the FORD emblem off one of our cars and tossed it a few feet in front of the headlights.  It blew away the garage roof and wrecked the rest of the garage, but left a plastic slide and a swing set right beside the garage, unmoved.  It mangled and ruined our Willow tree and the roof of our shed, but it didn't blow away one stick from a pile of loose wood that was just a few feet away!  Our home was directly in the path, but the tornado jumped over our house, causing very little damage, and demolished one mobile home across the street and moved another.  The tornado blew away our trash cans, but left them in the yard.  We spent the next few days thinking it totally blew away our wooden box-frame trash bin (made of 2x4's) that helps us keep the trash cans from blowing away, because we couldn't find it, anywhere.  On Friday, I spotted the trash bin.  No straight line winds could have done this!  See if you can find the trash bin in the first photo.  The location will be identified at the bottom of this page.

Answer to the question in the top photo:  The trash bin is hanging neatly on the legs of the ComposTumbler that is laying on it's side, looking like a frame that the ComposTumbler should sit on.

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