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Looks a little stormy, huh?  If you're interested in viewing some stormy Oklahoma weather, check out our storm site at

If you're interested in genealogy, only some of mine is back online.  My website went down, then my computer went down.  I'm on a borrowed computer, for a bit.  I'll try to get my genealogical part of the site back up, as soon as I am able.  Here are the genealogical sites I have back up, so far...

My CARTER Connections

Whitehall Cemetery Multi-Family Reunion

Genealogy Research Links

The Unknown Zone

Click here to visit a fun webpage I wrote a long time ago, about our first days with a computer.


Here are some other great websites to check out...

Happy Chickens
The Adventures of Dayton Barnes

Tulsa Area Writing Workshops
Visit my
site at*

If any of the above links do not work, please email me.



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